The adventure begins in the city of Manaus, Capital of the State of Amazonas, well known for its famous Amazonas Opera House, and its National Historical Heritage. Departing from Manaus, the Zaltana will navigate through the heart of the Amazon, observingits unique local fauna and flora, all the in comfort and security making it an exclusive and unforgettable journey.

DAY01: Manaus
Arrival with meet and greet at Manaus airport, private transfer to hotel.

DAY02: Manaus / Rio Negro / Rio Cuieiras / Três Bocas
Transfer to the Zaltana Mothership. Start navigating up the Rio Negro to visit the local Indian community along the river ways. Lunch on the vessel and navigate to the Cuieiras River, where the local community Nova Esperança will do a traditional and cultural presentation. Dinner on the vessel while navigating to its next stop Três Bocas.

DAY03: Três Bocas / Novo Airão / Igarapé do Santo Antonio
Breakfast on board and tour at Três Bocas. Continue navigation until Novo Airão, visit the city and the islands in the region with a local guide. Lunch and dinner on board.

DAY04: Igarapé do Santo Antonio / Madadá / Boca do Jaú
Breakfast on board and tour at Igarapé do Santo Antonio. Navigate to the Madadá trail, lunch on board the Zaltana and go trekking along the trail. Dinner on board and sail to the next stop Boca do Jaú.

DAY05: Boca do Jaú / Rio Carabinani / Foz do rio Jaú
Breakfast on board and tour with speedboat to the Carabinaniriver. Lunch on board and visit the local community on the Jaú Reserve. Dinner at Zaltana and overnight sail the river’s mouth.

DAY06: Foz do rio Jaú / Velho Airão / Acajatuba
Breakfast on board, tour in Velho Airão. Lunch at Zaltana and sail to next stop Acajatuba.

DAY07: Acajatuba / Rio Ariaú / Praia Grande
Breakfast on board, tour to swim with the Amazon Dolphins and visit the Ariaú river. Lunch on the Zaltana with free afternoon to enjoy the river’s beaches. Closing beach party (luau) with dinner.

DAY08: Praia Grande / Manaus
Breakfast on board while navigating to Manaus. Private transfer from Manaus Port to hotel.

DAY09: Manaus
Check out and private transfer to Manaus Airport.


Services included

Private transfer from Eduardo Gomes Airport to hotel
02 nights hotel in Manaus, with breakfast included
Private transfer Hotel/Zaltana/Hotel
06 nights onboardincludingmeals, soft drinks and beverages
Tours (including taxes): private visit to local indigenous community and typical ritual presentation; Swim with the Amazon dolphins; “Piranha” Fishing; Visit the amazingAnavilhanas beaches; Jungle Walks and tour the Madadá Cave
Professional knowledgeable Bilingual guide in the region and its main attractions
Immersion in Amazonian Gastronomy, culinary andits local traditions
Private transfer, Hotel toInternational Airport

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