The 90-kilometre Panemunė Road from Kaunas to Jurbarkas is well known to Lithuanian tourists. With the Nemunas River on the left and numerous castle hills, castles and manor houses on the right, it forms one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the country.

Arrival to Vilnius. Transfer from the airport to the hotel. Walking the sightseeing tour in Vilnius. Dinner and overnight in a hotel.

 Breakfast. Departure to Klaipeda by the picturesque Panemune road. The road is famous for its castles and manors that can be visited en-route. These buildings were used as opulent residences rather than defensive structures but their impressive towers and strong walls may be deceptive. Only a couple kilometers from Kaunas limits is Raudondvaris with its castle-like red brick manor, built in 16th-17th centuries. Further on you will pass Raudone, a castle with a 33,5 m fairy-tale like gothic tower now used as a school. It was originally built in the late 16th century and rebuilt after suffering heavy damage in World War 2. Finally, there is the Rennaisance Panemune castle. Dating to 1604 it now houses a museum and you may climb its mighty towers. The castle it's being restored, the surrounding park still providing a nice stroll even after heavy damages done by Soviets. After lunch, you will have a chance to take photos of the picturesque view from Rambynas hill. The trip continues to Nemunas Delta area, which is located next to the city Silute. You will reach the Vente Horn peninsula, famous for its bird ringing (ornithology) station with the world's largest bird trap. Arrival to Klaipeda. Dinner and overnight in a hotel.

Breakfast. Sightseeing tour in Klaipeda. The short ferry trip from Klaipeda to Smiltyne and further drive to Nida. En route stop in Juodkrante – a small fishermen’s village – to visit the Hill of Witches. Lunch. Afternoon in Nida: enjoy an unforgettable view from a majestic 60- meter-high seaside dune and visit Thomas Mann’s summer house in Nida. Dinner. Overnight in a hotel.

Breakfast. Tour to Palanga - the busiest summer resort in Lithuania. En route stop in Kretinga manor with its winter garden. Arrival to Palanga. Free time in the city – you can enjoy an evening walk and sunset by the sea or the nightlife of Palanga.

Breakfast. Departure to Vilnius.

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