Firstly you will be taught about Polish cuisine and fed by food you had prepared by yourself. Afterwards, you will be taken for a 4-hour Warsaw City Tour. Warsaw is called the Phoenix City due to its tormentous history. The itinerary ends up with a chopin music concert performed by a great pianist.

Firstly you will be taught how to prepare Polish traditional meal. Once you finish the cooking classes you will be fed by the dish you had prepared.

Arrival at 10.30 at the airy studio – located close to Ratusz Arsenal metro station. Meeting with the chef who will be your cooking instructor that day. You will begin with a tempting buffet of traditional Polish meat, cheese, and bread – all of them home made and organic. Besides, your cooking teacher will present  briefly the history of Polish cuisine. Later on, you will prepare a traditional Polish meal, according to your gastronomic preferences. At the end, there finally will be time to enjoy the mealtime. The ‘feast’ would obviously include the dish you had chosen and prepared as well as complimentary soft drinks. You wil be served a delicious dessert too. The course ends around 2:30pm. You would be given a book of recipes, a certificate of participation and an additional gift. As an optional course we propose a vodka tasting.

Afterwards, you will be taken for a 4-hour Warsaw City Tour. Warsaw is called the Fenix City due to its tormentous history - the capital of Poland, completely destroyed during the II World War, was reconstructed afterwards and nowadays it shines with all its charm, vibrant atmosphere, beautiful greenery and eclectic architecture. It is a must visit place.

While visiting a city on your own it is easy to miss many interesting things. Your private, local guide will help you to get a better understanding of Warsaw. We suggest an itinerary, but do not be afraid to discuss your preferences with your guide. Our guides are founts of peculiar information and stories, and do not give an express history lesson – unless that is what you want. We only use knowledgeable and flexible city guides.

The sightseeing route usually leads through the Old Town, so painstakingly restored after being completely destroyed during WWII that in 1980 it was added to the UNESCO Heritage List. You will have the opportunity to see the Old Town Market Square, the New Town, the Barbican, St John’s Cathedral and the Royal Castle. You will not miss the Saxon Gardens with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the imposing Palace of Culture and Science. You will see also the Great Theatre with its interesting Apollonian Quadriga in its tympanum, and stroll along the Royal Route to the Holy Cross Church containing the urn with Chopin’s heart.

While being in Warsaw, you can not miss a chance to participate in Chopin music concert that are performed by great pianists. Concerts are proceded by a short talk that will make you familiar with the historical and personal background.

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