Your journey starts from a lagoon in southwest of Iran and ends in another in souteast; from Persian Gulf to Sea of Oman. You will find out about three special economic zones of Iran, be hosted by local sea foods and visit Dhow boat workshops. Through an extravagant path you will step in historic castles, feel the diverse architecture of Iran southern villages and ethnic groups while visiting Qeshm island wonders.


DAY01: Arrival in Tehran
Our trip begins from Tehran. After arrival in the IKA airport and transfer to hotel to have some rest, we will visit Sa'dabad Palace Complex (residence of the last Persian kings(Pahlavis)) late in the morning. Then head to Tehran’s mountainous area, Darband to have a light trekking, watch everyday life of people and enjoy the fresh air.


DAY02: Tehran
To understand the most about the history of Iran’s capital, today we are visiting more highlights such as Golestan Palace Complex, it was the seat of government of the Qajari kings and is characterized by its style. The last king of Iran, Reza and his son Mohammadreza Pahlavi, has been crowned here.Then there is National Museum of Iran on the program, a beautiful collection of prehistoric Iran, whose building is designed by André Godard. And then we visit the Treasury of National Jewels, this museum contains one of the most important jewel collections in the world. These are the former crown jewels of the Persian kings, such as the 182-carat Darya Nur (Sea of ​​Light).


DAY03: Tehran to Abadan
Before heading southwestern corner of Iran, there is enough time to visit Carpet museum and have lunch in Tehran. Then we go to airport to fly to Abadan (1h 10 min)


DAY04: Abadan
While in Khuzestan province, we go to visit Shadegan lagoon. On our way back to Abadan, we go to War Museum of Khorramshahr and visit Arvand River, the borderline between Iran and Iraq


DAY05: Abadan, Booshehr
Today we leave to next coastal city, Boushehr (440 km) and enjoy the taste of local food for our lunch.


DAY06: Booshehr
To have a short excursion to an ancient Achaemenian palace, we leave to Borazjan (65 km) and then return to Bushehr to visit its historic church and Delvari’s house (Delvari stood out in England invasion through world war l and was martyred).


DAY07: Booshehr- Kangan

Today we leave the hotel to Bandar Siraf (Siraf port, 200 km) visiting its ancient catacomb and castle. Then we head to Kangan to spend overnight there.

DAY08: Kangan- Laft
Today we discover the mysterious nature of the largest southern island of Iran, Qeshm. So we go to Bandar-e-Pohl (460 km) to take the ferry to Bandar-e-Laft, located on the island. We spend the overnight in Laft and get ready for tomorrow's wondrous nature explore.


DAY09: Laft- Tabl
As well as Laft village and its highlights including old wind catchers, Naderi castle and Tela wells, today we visit the first and only national Geo Park of Iran. Then go to Dhow boat workshops and afterward visit amazing Mangrove trees before returning to the hotel.


DAY10: Tabl- Qeshm (Hengam)
Today we will have the rare experience of visiting Dolphins in their natural habitat. So we head to Hengam Island, a small oasis south of Qeshm Island. After enjoying local food and handicraft in Hengam Island we return to Qeshm and visit wondrous Khorbas caves (Some historians say that this place was the sanctuary for worshiping the goddess of Mithra) before arriving at the hotel.


DAY11: Qeshm- Bandar Abbas (Hormoz)
On our fourth day on the island, we head to the small island of Hormoz early in the morning and enjoy a local breakfast. By the noon we take a short excursion to Portuguese castle and island’s beautiful nature. In the afternoon we take a ferry to Bandar Abbas and arrive at the hotel early at night.


DAY12: Bandar Abbas- Chabahar
Today we take a flight to the southeastern corner of Iran, Chabahar (1hr 10min) and we continue our visits by going to the ancient village of Tis, which is the only one of its kind in Iran.


DAY13: Chabahar
By heading to Govater (100 km), we visit the huge sacred fig tree and the Martian mountains of the region. Then go to Pasabandar Gulf and city, discovering its Indo-Iranian architecture.

DAY14: Chabahar- Tehran
On the last day of our trip to discover the most about history of Iran's capital, we take the morning flight to Tehran and visit some highlights including mountainous area of Darband to have a light trekking, watch people's everyday life and enjoy fresh air while having our traditional farewell dinner.


DAY15: Leaving Iran
And finally, it’s time to bid farewell to Iran as we are transferred to the airport early in the morning for our return flight home.

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