Bonito, is one of the main destinations of ecotourism and adventure tourism in Brazil. A true paradise with rivers of crystalline waters, immense caves, with itineraries that include flotation, caves, waterfalls and adrenaline.

DAY01: Campo Grande | Bonito
Arrive in Bonito and check in at Bonito Ecotel. Free Night.
In Bonito downtown, on a large land surrounded by trees, flowers, plants and with a stream in the background, is located the Bonito Ecotel. Cost-effective option that offers its guests comfort, convenience, practicality, charm, all combined with a project full of sustainable solutions and practices, such as power generation, demolition wood, 100% led lighting, solar heating waters, among others.

DAY02: Bonito
Snorkeling at Sucuri River 
Morning set aside for an incredible swim in one of the clearest waters of the Americas. Before getting in the water, you will have the opportunity to walk through the Sucuri River riparian forest and get to know the springs that give rise to the river. It has this name because of the famous Sucuri snake.

Boat ride on Formoso River
An adventure with the right dose during the boat ride on Formoso River, the Bonito's main river. Groups of up to 12 people play in the water while enjoying the fauna and flora of the region. A very fun ride down the small rapids and waterfalls of river. Free night.

DAY03: Bonito
The Blue Lake Cave
Energy, beauty, history, are some of the features that guide the tour of the Blue Lake Cave, one of the most famous in the region. The visit to the cave takes place with groups of up to 15 people, allowing a quiet access and time for contemplation of the rock formations of the cave, which has a beautiful blue lake of crystal clear water.
Free afternoon and evening. Check other optional tours.

DAY04: Bonito
Free for enjoy
DAY05: Bonito | Campo Grande
Private Transfer from hotel to Campo Grande Internacional Airport. Duration: 4 hours.

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