Cosy Boutique
Discover the enchanting world of charming boutique hotels and small, hand-selected properties and intimate travel experiences, making each stay a memorable immersion into the destination’s true essence and local culture.

Extraordinary competences united in one global network of DMC Partners.

As a leading provider of travel services to customers all around the globe, Lufthansa City Center (LCC) has been successful in aligning corporate expertise of DMC partners all over the world for many years. As the only global travel agency franchise network, we value our core strengths which are the expertise, competence and passion of each individual travel agency no matter where located in the world. Discover the Lufthansa City Center DMC Network in all its facets:

Incomparable. Matchless. Unique in the world.

What makes our DMC network special?

Why use us as your DMC Partner?

Our DMC Partners are true destination experts of the countries and regions they represent and are well rooted locally. Through this, they know all the secrets and hidden gems to make your customer’s journey an experience of their lifetime. 

Quality in focus. Sustainability in sight.

We strongly believe in the future of travel and we trust that sustainability will play an essential role in our business and our customer’s choices. No matter if environmental or social awareness – caring for authentic travel experiences has to be our dedicated target: locally, regionally and globally! 

Themed Travels

From cooking to massages, from pilgrims to cruises -  all requests are matched by us. At Lufthansa City Center and across our DMC Partners Network, we help develop sustainable tourism and offer new perspectives on destinations, cultures and the natural environment – now and in future.

Wander Wild
Embrace the call of nature and wilderness: "Wander Wild" is our topic of this month's LCC DMC Newsletter. In this edition, you may discover a unique canvas of experiences that range from the tranquil to the exhilarating: Trekking through dense forests, scaling rugged peaks, watching nature's biodiversity and endangered species.
Slow Travel
We embrace the art of slow travel - a more mindful way to explore the world around us. In a time when life often feels like it's moving at breakneck speed, slow travel invites us to pause, breathe, and truly immerse ourselves in the experiences, natural beauty and cultures of our destinations. This approach not only enriches our journeys but also fosters sustainable tourism and deeper connections with local communities.
Get ready to exchange your flip-flops for snow boots this summer: 'cool-cationing' is one of the major travel trends this year. It is time to swap sun-seeking trips for destinations offering milder climates, amazing nature and less crowded places.
Buzzling Metropolis
Explore the heartbeat of "buzzling metropolis" world-wide, a symphony of life and energy. Discover the vibrant city life - culture, food, lifestyle and stories between skyscrapers and lively streets. Embrace the pulse of each of these metropolises, where every corner tells a story and every moment is a celebration of urban culture. Get ready for your bucketlist 2024 with life-enriching city experiences.

A selection of what our DMC Partners offer

Frequently asked questions

What is a LCC DMC Partner?

LCC DMC Partners are travel agencies and Destination Management Companies that are part of the Lufthansa City Center network. To date, 115 Lufthansa City Center DMC Partners offer their services on more than 100 countries. All of them represent an ever-growing network of handpicked travel ambassadors aiming for the best travel experience a customer can imagine.

Who can buy from LCC DMC Partners

All travel agencies, DMC or Incoming agencies can make use of the service of our LCC DMC Partners. If you are an individual traveller we recommend that you contact your local LCC travel agencies to make your travel arrangements. You can locate the LCC agencies closest to you here.

How to find a suitable LCC DMC Partner?

You can use the search function and filter our partner by category or by destination. You can also use the free text search. Another way is to contact us directly via with your request and we will match you with one of our DMC Partners.

Where do I find bookable offers?

One our website we do not have bookable offers as our DMC Partner are customizing and so the offers especially to your and your customer’s needs. All our DMC Partners have uploaded on their profile some sample travel inspirations so that you can get an idea of what they could offer you. However, their service and knowledge goes far beyond these few inspirational itinerary so we encourage you to get in touch and let our DMC Partners find the perfect travel package for you.

I cannot find the right LCC DMC Partner

If you get stuck in the process of finding a suitable LCC DMC Partner, please do not hesitate to contact Our team is more than happy to get back to you with recommendation of who to contact best.

Reach out to our DMC Partners

Travelling is something very personal and so is our service. You give us the framework conditions and we put together the best trip for you.