Budapest, for those looking to go all-in

The sparkling capital of Hungary sweeps visitors off their feet with its treasures and bustling day to day life. The best rooftop bars for a drink with a view, unforgettable wild rides on the river Danube, a Balloon Fly over the city, and many more reasons why the buzzing Hungarian metropolis should be on your bucket list. W

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15. January 2024
Water Wonderlands of Western Balaton

Enjoy the funny activities and family adventures among the friendly Transdanubian hills cuddled by the tender waves of Lake Balaton. Spend some quality time together having outdoor family games and exciting rain-proof programs.


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30. June 2023
Hide among the rocks of Balaton

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, slow down a bit and enjoy the elementary pleasures of life in the Balaton Uplands, having laid back programs under the high sky, far away from anything disturbing.


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30. May 2023
In the footsteps of Hungaricums

What is Hungaricum? Hungaricum is a collective term indicating a value worthy of distinction and high-lighting within a unified system of qualification, classification, and registry and which represents the high performance of Hungarian people thanks to its typically Hungarian attribute, uniqueness, specialty and quality. In the beginning of the 21th century a movement was organized […]


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8. November 2021
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