Viennas Traditions up close: the “Heritage Collection”

LCC Mondial knows its country, its culture - its "heritage". They want to share this with mindful and attentive guests, immersing them in a historical world full of wonders and surprises.


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9. August 2023
Vienna’s Culinary Art & Fiaker Ride

Enjoy a mix of Viennese delicacies and the ambience of Vienna's city centre - combined with a nostalgic Fiaker ride in a traditional Viennese Fiaker.


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28. April 2023
Spectacular mountain sceneries at The Cesta Grand Aktivhotel & Spa

Embedded in one of the most beautiful and impressive mountain landscapes in Europe, the feel-good hotel is sunny and quiet between Bad Hofgastein and Bad Gastein, in the middle of an Eldorado for sport and relaxation.


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15. March 2022
Eco-friendly excursion – guided tour at a Viennese mushroom farm

Protecting the environment and conserving resources is without a doubt one of the greatest challenges of our time. Every little helps when it comes to using local resources, promoting environmentally friendly processes and avoiding waste. Mushrooms have been cultivated in Vienna since 2015 – on coffee grounds, a resource that is almost infinitely available in […]


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8. February 2022
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