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Medieval Modern Romania

Romania’s best package to the deep Translyvanian countryside while experiencing the best of Bucharest. Discover typical Transylvanian villages with fortified churches dating back to the 13th century and listed as World Heritage Sites by Unesco. Take a close look at the 18th century Saxon houses of Viscri village. One of these houses is owned by […]


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The Danube Delta: exploring a unique treasure of the planet’s natural heritage

The Danube is Europe’s lifeline. Springing from the Black Forest Mountains, its journey towards the Black Sea is a marvelous story of life force and abundance. As it finds its way through one country after the other, it picks up other streams and rivers, permanantly enriching its narrative course. Having crossed most of the old […]


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Transylvanian Fortresses

Explore the beauty and uniqueness of Romania’s historical regions: Transylvania with its perfectly preserved medieval towns and dark legends and Bucovina, a place where people built stunning churches as testimony to their faith in God. Discover art treasures one could only find in Romania: the UNESCO World heritage sites of the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina. […]


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Lufthansa City Center
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