This program offers an immersive slow travel experience through South India, meticulously crafted to allow you to delve deeply into the region's vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and rich history. As a traveler, you can expect a journey that transcends the usual rush of tourism, focusing instead on connecting with the environment and the local communities at a leisurely pace. From the lush coffee plantations of Coorg to the historic grandeur of Mysore and the tranquil wildlife reserves of Kabini, each destination has been chosen to offer unique, enriching experiences that foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the area.

Slow travel is about forging meaningful connections and experiencing a place in a way that is resonant and transformative. It invites you to take your time, with extended stays that allow for thorough exploration and opportunities to engage authentically with local cultures. Whether participating in a traditional coffee tasting, exploring ancient palaces with a historian, or quietly observing wildlife in their natural habitat, you are encouraged to absorb every moment fully.

This journey not only promises to reveal the physical beauty of South India but also to create space for personal reflection and growth. Luxurious accommodations ensure comfort and tranquility at each stop, turning each location into a retreat where experiences can be contemplated and savored. This approach to travel is designed not just to see but to experience, not just to visit but to become a part of the places you explore, leaving with memories that are as meaningful as they are unforgettable.

Travel Itinerary

Day 1: Bengaluru Urban Retreat

Morning: Touch down in the dynamic cityscape of Bangalore and be swept away to the opulent Leela Palace, Bengaluru. Begin your Southern sojourn with a soothing spa treatment, the perfect antidote to your travels, immersing you in a sanctuary of tranquility.

Afternoon: Delve into Bengaluru’s storied past with a private tour of the regal Bengaluru Palace, followed by a serene stroll through the botanical marvels of Lalbagh. This introduction sets the tone for a journey steeped in historical grandeur and natural splendor.

Day 2: Culinary Mosaic of Bengaluru

Morning: Awaken your palate with a curated culinary expedition through Bengaluru 's bustling streets. Savour an array of South Indian breakfast delicacies, each bite a story of tradition and flavor.

Afternoon: Retreat to the serene expanses of the Art of Living International Center. Engage in soul-centering meditation and roam its spiritual sanctuaries, reconnecting with your inner peace amidst the lush landscapes.

Day 3-5: Coorg – Essence of Coffee

Day 3: Transition from urban chic to the verdant valleys of Coorg. Nestle into a luxurious coffee estate at the Tamara Coorg, your home for the next three days, offering sweeping views of the sprawling plantations that carpet the rolling hills.

Day 4: Embrace a day with the local women, the unsung heroines behind some of the globe's finest brews. Discover the intricacies of coffee cultivation and partake in tastings that highlight sustainable practices shaping the future of coffee.

Day 5: Traverse the emerald wilderness of Coorg. A guided trek to enchanting waterfalls and panoramic vistas culminates in a gastronomic delight—a traditional Coorgi feast crafted by culinary artisans, under the canopy of starlit skies.

Day 6-8: Kabini – Symphony of Wildlife

Day 6: Journey into the heart of Kabini, Kaav Safari Lodge, Kabini by the river promises a harmonious blend of comfort and nature. Unwind with a nature walk in the neighboring reserve, a preliminary whisper of the wilderness.

Day 7: At dawn, venture into Nagarhole National Park for a wildlife safari that offers glimpses of majestic tigers and herds of elephants. Later, engage intimately with these gentle giants, learning about their conservation and life in the wild.

Day 8: Companion a local ornithologist for a bird-watching escapade, discovering the avian inhabitants of this biodiverse region. The day ends with a picturesque boat ride on the Kabini River, where wildlife sightings are framed by the setting sun.

Day 9-10: Mysore – Tapestry of Traditions

Day 9: The historical essence of Mysore beckons. Check into Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Mysore, then explore the grandiose Mysore Palace with a historian who unveils its architectural splendor and royal anecdotes.

Day 10: Wander the vibrant aisles of Devaraja Market, guided by a local expert. Later, indulge in a culinary adventure at a Mysore home, where you'll learn to craft regional dishes that are a testament to the city’s rich gastronomic heritage.

Day 11-13: Bangalore’s Artistic Farewell

Day 11: Return to the urban elegance of Bangalore at the Leela Palace, Bengaluru. A leisure day allows for indulgent shopping at bespoke boutiques, offering silks and sandalwoods.

Day 12: Dive into Bangalore’s artistic pulse with a private tour of contemporary galleries and studios. Participate in a hands-on workshop that delves into the nuances of traditional Indian art techniques.

Day 13: Reflect on your immersive journey with a farewell dinner at a renowned Bangalore restaurant, a celebration of the flavors and memories you've gathered.


Highlights and Inclusions:

  • Sumptuous accommodations at premier properties, creating a seamless experience of luxury.
  • Exclusive interactions at a coffee plantation, intimate wildlife encounters, and cultural immersions.
  • Gourmet dining throughout, offering a palette of local and global cuisines.
  • Comprehensive private transfers and bespoke tours designed to enrich your travel narrative.



  • Airfare, both international and domestic, remains outside the package.
  • Meals or activities beyond those enumerated in our itinerary.
  • Personal indulgences, including additional spa treatments and optional tours, which invite separate charges.
  • Gratitudes and tips, which are left at your discretion to reflect your satisfaction with service.

This itinerary promises not just a vacation, but a voyage across South India's vibrant tapestry of landscapes, culture, and tradition, curated for those who seek to travel deeply and with intention.






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