Beach and more: How C Mauritius is doing things differently.


Personally checked by our Carmen Scultetus, Sales Specialist at LCC Amazing Africa

In an ever-changing world, we all have to adapt. This is especially true in the tourism industry, and as challenging as the last few years have been, out of the ashes have come some innovative ideas, unique offerings, and resilient brands. One of these is the C Mauritius Resort. Our Carmen visited the island of Mauritius to see just how this innovative property is doing things differently, and this is what she found:

C Mauritius offers a fun and lively atmosphere that welcomes all. This is evident from the minute you walk through the door where you can pour yourself an ice tea out of some crazy machinery, and from there, the experiences get more colourful with donuts for tea, all-day cocktails, and even beer pong or rum tastings to keep you entertained. It’s clear that the party atmosphere has also attracted the local market, meaning not only can you rub shoulders with Europeans and South Africans during your stay, but you’ll get a real, authentic taste of Mauritian culture too.

C Mauritius feels like a kids club with experiences designed to unleash the child within you. Relax on the pool in a floatie, challenge your partner to a board game on the beach, learn to kitesurf, go for a stand-up paddle, kick off your shoes, and boogie on the sand dancefloor, or simply hop on the swing and forget the worries of your daily life.

Gone are the days of just sitting stuck in your resort. While you might never want to leave the stunning pool and your ocean-view room, the resort’s “Cignature” experiences will have you out and about discovering the island around you. Concoct your own cocktail, go for a trek through the forests or a guided walk into the village, or embark on a local boat for a romantic cruise with canapes and snorkelling.

C Mauritius offers an experience fit for any self-confessed foodie, and it’s all-inclusive, so you don’t need to worry about what extras you’re ringing up on your tab. You can grab great coffee, colourful doughnuts, delicious pancakes, and a cold beer at the all-day deli before hitting the beach, or even pack yourself a picnic basket of a range of delicious treats to go.

Last but not least, one of the best things about C Mauritius is the hotel’s commitment to protecting its environment. The brand proactively works with local businesses and collaboratively works with eco-conscious organisations to ensure that everything from the soap in the rooms to the clothes in the gift shop is produced sustainability. So that not only can you enjoy acting like a kid again on the pristine shores of Mauritius, but so can your kids and your kid’s kids.

The interiors, food, location and staff are just *chefs kiss*

Best time to visit?

 Although you could argue that there is no wrong time to visit Mauritius, the “best” time to visit is from October to December, which is their early summer season. During this time, you’ll have ideal beach conditions, sunny weather, and warm temperatures.

From December through March, you will find larger crowds as it’s the peak tourism season, so if you’re looking for a quiet getaway, you might want to steer clear during these months.

January through March is considered cyclone season so if possible, avoid these months! Once those rains clear up, from May to October, the temperatures drop from hot to balmy, still giving you plenty of sun to take a dip in the turquoise waters.

Ideal for?

Mauritius is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway with its idyllic beaches, hotels appealing to romance and stunning sceneries. Whether you are on holidays with your loved one or on your honeymoon, your stay in Mauritius promises to be unforgettable.

What makes the property unique?                                                            

  • C Mauritius offers an all Inclusive package including a great selection of food and drinks as part of the package.
  • As an added bonus there is a complimentary shuttle to both Constance golf courses at Belle Mare Plage.
  • Located on the east coast of Mauritius, this C Resort is ideally situated for you to experience island life by the sea.
  • C Mauritius -

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