Buzzling Metropolis Tangier

Nestled at the crossroads of continents, Tangier stands as a captivating emblem of cosmopolitan living, where tradition and modernity seamlessly intertwine. As you traverse its labyrinthine streets, Tangier's cosmopolitan spirit unfolds, revealing a city that embodies a rich tapestry of cultural convergence and eclectic charm.

Begin your exploration in the French Quarter, where the city dons a European elegance infused with a Moroccan twist. Wander through historic landmarks, and make your way to the former residence of the iconic fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent—Villa Mabrouka. Perched on a hill overlooking the city and the Strait of Gibraltar, this villa once housed Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, offering breathtaking views and a unique glimpse into the artistic legacy of a fashion legend. Savor a drink within the walls that resonate with the creative history of this iconic residence.

Continue your journey to the American Quarter, affectionately known as small California, and feel the transatlantic flair that contributes to Tangier's cosmopolitan mosaic. Explore the oldest golf course in Africa, pass by a horse riding school, and encounter unique resting places for cats and dogs—symbols of Tangier's diverse and vibrant character.

For a culinary adventure reflecting Tangier's cosmopolitan flair, indulge in lunch at Le Mirage. This unique hotel, nestled on the hills overlooking the city, offers a panoramic backdrop of the Strait of Gibraltar. With its seamless blend of Moroccan and international influences, Le Mirage presents a distinctive charm that mirrors Tangier's diverse cultural influences.

As you meander through the Medina, where ancient stone walls safeguard centuries of history, discover the former Sultan's Palace overlooking the city. The artistic aura of Tangier comes alive in the Grand Socco, Mendoubia Park, and petit Socco—witnesses to the gatherings of renowned artists and writers who found inspiration in the city's cosmopolitan ambiance.

Concluding your exploration of Tangier, reflect on the harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity that defines this city. Tangier, with its cosmopolitan soul, invites you to immerse yourself in its vibrant tapestry—a place where history, culture, and creativity converge, creating an enchanting destination at the crossroads of continents.



Day 1:
Upon arrival in Morocco, our representative welcomes you at the airport, ensuring a seamless transition. If time permits, explore Tangier's cosmopolitan essence with visits to Yves Saint Laurent's former residence, Villa Mabrouka, and iconic sites like the oldest golf course in Africa, experiencing the fusion of European and Moroccan charm in the French Quarter. Then head to the hotel for your check in.

Day 2 AM:
Embark on day two with a panoramic drive, traversing Tangier's diverse quarters and landmarks, including the American Quarter and the horse riding school, followed by a scenic ascent to witness palaces, capture the beauty of Cap Spartel lighthouse, and explore the historical Kasbah, Medina, and Markets.

Day 2 PM: c
Continue your exploration in the afternoon with a walking tour led by a local guide, discovering the cultural richness of Tangier's old Medina, exploring the Museums of Antiquities and Moroccan Art, and concluding the tour with free time for a relaxing mint tea in a local café, savoring the essence of Tangier's cosmopolitan blend of history and modernity.

Day 3: Transfer to the airport with assistance for your return flight, concluding the journey.

Hotels proposed and rates:

4*: -Barcelo Tangier:

5*- Fairmont Tazi: 

Best time of travel :

From November to April

Package includes:


  • As shown above


  • All Breakfasts


  • 02 Nights accommodation at hotels as shown above
  • All Meals as indicated
  • A/C Private deluxe car at disposal
  • High qualified English Speaking guide all throughout
  • All Visits and activities as per the itinerary
  • Entrance Fees to the Monuments
  • All Local Taxes.
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