Austria is a country full of history and decades of tradition. In times of constant change, they give us peace and confidence - as they convey stability and slow down everyday life. LCC Mondial knows its country, its culture - its "heritage". They want to share this with mindful and attentive guests, immersing them in a historical world full of wonders and surprises.

To do so, they worked intensively on special offers in order to be able to enjoy the diverse traditions. The so-called Heritage Collection comprises:

  • Shoes and Leather: Visit a traditional leather shoe factory - a former supplier to the Imperial and Royal Court, and these days already in the 7th generation.
  • Candy Manufactory: Good craftsmanship can be tasted. With full commitment, a lot of heart, soul and passion, the team of the "Wiener Zuckerlwerkstatt" produces sweet masterpieces every day. Experience the regional quality and learn everything about flavors, raw materials and the candy tradition in Vienna.
  • Viennese Snow Globe - Original since 1900: On 50 sqm you can admire custom-made products and get an overview of the production of snow globes.
  • Swarovski - Chrystal Worlds since 1895: Daniel Swarovski's masterful art of cutting crystal has shaped the company since 1895. An interplay between design, architecture and a crystalline shopping landscape. Design your own creations in a workshop and enjoy a stylish dinner afterwards.
  • Augarten Porcelain: Precious exhibits, Viennese porcelain and an impressive historic kiln will bring you closer to the old craft traditions and the history of the more than 300-year-old traditional company. Experience a private guided tour through the manufactory, including porcelain painting and a figurine workshop.
  • The famous Viennese Schnitzel: A schnitzel is not just a schnitzel! As with cooking in general, the same applies here: it is not difficult, you can just do a lot wrong. The guests of LCC Mondial learn these subtleties in a private cooking class or simply indulge themselves at a tasing.
  • Imperial Cake - for the Sweeties: A young pastry chef once had a vision: he wanted to create a unique, inimitable cake for his majesty. The result: the Imperial Cake. Would you like to prepare and decorate this Austrian delicacy yourself? Subsequent snacking included.
  • Viennese Coffee House: The Viennese coffee house is a typical Viennese institution that still represents an important part of Viennese tradition and has been a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage since 2011. Make your own apple strudel and learn more about the coffee house culture with its many variations.
  • "Gemischter Satz" - Wine Experience: This is something really special - a Viennese classic that has been awarded the quality label DAC since 2013. Mondial's wine experience: a guided hike through the vineyards, including a cellar tour and a visit of a cozy "Heuriger", a typical Austrian wine tavern.
  • Viennese Water: From the domestic well to the highspring pipeline - learn more about Vienna's exciting history of water supply. Many people wonder about the glass of water that is reliably served with coffee in Vienna. In fact, Vienna is proud of the quality of its drinking water, as it is fresh spring water that has been coming straight from the Alps for 150 years!
  • Egon Schiele - Expressionism: Experience the uniqueness and wealth of artistic and intellectual achievements of this period up close though the masterpieces of the Leopold Museum - a closeup to Egon Schiele's life work, including an exclusive dinner between the works by Egon Schiele if requested.
  • Gustav Klimt: "The Kiss" by famous artist Gustav Klimt shows the passionate affection between two lovers wrapped in a golden cocoon. For those who would like to try something new and combine art viewing with their own creativity, LCC Mondial recommends the workshops "Viennese Gold" in the midst of Klimt's works.
  • Sigmund Freud - Family Home: Explore the family home and the famous practices of Sigmund Freud and his daughter Anna Freud. Be sure to take a look at the library, Europe's largest relevant specialized library for psychoanalysis. LCC Mondial organizes exclusive events outside the offical opening hours and special interest lectures.
  • Wolfgang Amadé Mozart - Wonder Boy: Exclusive concerts, elegant dinners, personal themed tours (e.g. Curiosities about Mozart's life) and workshops (Mozart chocolates, Mozart dances) - LCC Mondial makes it possible.
  • Johann Strauss - First Pop Star: Go in search of "Johannis-Käferln" - as already the guests of the ball at the Viennese folk festival in 1850 did, to which the waltz king Johann Strauss II had invited and promised this new attraction as the highlight. Exclusive event and dinner locations, special events as well as special programs await interested guests here.
  • National Library - A Jewel: The library was expressly designated by the emperor for public use - an absolute special feature in past times. However, at that time only scholars were allowed to enter. It was not until 1860 that the library was finally available for the general public. Take a book and relax or dine in the historic reading room.
  • Vienna Prater - Action and Enjoyment: The Vienna Prater is not only an amusement park, but also a great event location with numerous possibilities. From backstage tours to incentive events.

All of this is tailor-made for small and larger groups with interest in sustainable and sensitive activities attuned to the traditions of Austria. Be it culture, crafts or cuisine. The products reflect the values of LCC Mondial, the Austrian way of life and the historical past. Changes happen carefully and cautiously in harmony with the present - after all, it's about preserving the tried and tested and the existing, letting it live on and cultivating it. Sustainable, unique and characterized by a high recognition value.

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