Discover the Dynamic Charm of the Ruhr Region

The bustling metropolis of the Ruhr region is characterized by its dynamic urban centres, vibrant cultural scene, and thriving industrial presence.
The diverse cities, such as Dortmund, Essen, Bochum, Duisburg and Duesseldorf contribute to a lively atmosphere, offering a range of activities, events, and opportunities.
From Cultural attractions to economic significance, the Ruhr region buzzes with energy and innovation.
Five universities, 18 colleges and many other non-university research institutions have contributed to the transformation of the former mining and industrial agglomeration into the fascinating and innovative science region Ruhr. The modern Ruhr Area with its more than five million people is green, cosmopolitan, and enthusiastic about culture: old industrial sites have been turned into monuments and serve as venues for various, even international, cultural and musical events. Approximately 200 museums, 120 theatres, 100 cultural centres and 250 festivals per year make the Ruhr Area a vibrant metropolis that attracts many international visitors.
Some of the iconic sites are the Zollverein in Essen (UNESCO Heritage), the Railway Museum in Bochum, and Phoenix West in Dortmund, which they promise a fascinating journey through the Ruhr region's rich industrial history. Zollverein offers insights into coal mining heritage, the Railway Museum in Bochum provides a captivating look at locomotives and rail history, while Phoenix West showcases the transformation of an industrial site into a modern urban space.
Least but not last don’t miss the “Villa Hügel” in Essen which is a symbol of the Age of Industrialisation in Germany and provides a glimpse into the opulent history of the Krupp family.
Enjoy your visit and immerse yourself in the unique stories each location has to tell.

Where to stay:
Schlosshotel Hugenpoet, 5 stars, 18km from the city centre of Essen
The elegant, moated castle is a magnificent heirloom from Freiherr von Fürstenberg’s that now features 36 stylish hotel rooms and suites for business or leisure guests.

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