Refreshing  7-Day Journey to Escape the Heat by Exploring the Breathtaking Landscapes of Ushuaia and El Calafate.

Immerse yourself in the icy wonders of glaciers in El Calafate, where the Perito Moreno Glacier awaits, showcasing its majestic beauty. In Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, discover the splendor of towering mountains and pristine landscapes. This cool escape promises an  unforgettable adventure through the heart of Patagonia, where glaciers and mountains create a spectacular backdrop for an ideal getaway from the summer heat.

Day 01: El Calafate
Arrival in El Calafate, transfer by regular service from the airport to the selected hotel.
Accommodation at the selected hotel.
Meals included: Breakfast.

Day 02: El Calafate
Minitrekking on the glacier, regular service
The excursion begins with the pick-up of passengers in El Calafate. In our comfortable buses, en route to Los Glaciares National Park, tour guides will provide information about the area, the glacier, and the excursion.
Upon reaching the "Bajo de las Sombras" port (Route 11, 70 km from El Calafate), you will board a boat to cross Lake Rico, arriving on the opposite shore after approximately 20 minutes of navigation in front of the imposing south face of the Perito Moreno Glacier.
Upon disembarking, you will be greeted by our expert mountain guides, who will lead you to a cozy shelter with a privileged view of the glacier. From here, the trekking begins! We will start the journey with a walk along the lake's shore, keeping an eye on the glacier to seize the opportunity to witness icefalls. Later, the guides will give a lecture on glaciology.
Upon reaching the edge of the glacier, with the stunning blue hues of the ice framing the landscape, subgroups of a maximum of 20 people each will be organized, and crampons and helmets provided by the company will be fitted. This excursion is highly personalized (one guide for every 10 passengers maximum). Once on the glacier, you will receive a safety briefing and walk to enjoy this icy paradise declared a World Heritage Site (1981).
The circuit on the glacier is of medium difficulty; the ice surface is uneven but firm and secure. During the walk, you will be able to appreciate a variety of typical glacier formations such as deep crevasses, blue sinkholes, massive seracs, and turquoise lagoons.
After completing the walk on the ice, you will explore the periglacial zone and the lateral moraine, from where you will have a panoramic view of the Perito Moreno Glacier, the mountains, and the lake. Later, you will return along a trail through the lush Andean Patagonian forest, completing the three-hour walk along the lake shore, moraine, ice, and forest (of which approximately one hour is on the glacier ice). Upon returning to the shelter, you will be invited for a hot drink and receive a souvenir. Shortly after, you will board to return to Puerto Bajo de las Sombras, but not before admiring the enormous walls of the glacier from the boat.
The duration of the excursion, including transportation, is approximately ten hours in total and includes a visit of about an hour to the walkways of the Perito Moreno Glacier, 7 km from the port. There, you can enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of the glacier and explore some of the self-guided trails. In case you choose not to use our transportation and go on your own, the Minitrekking lasts approximately four and a half hours, departing from the port and returning to the same starting point.
Minitrekking takes place in a natural environment, so weather conditions and the characteristics of the glacier and its surroundings change daily. However, the excursion will not be suspended as long as safety conditions permit.
Accommodation at the selected hotel.
Meals included: Breakfast.

Day 03: El Calafate
Lakeside Sunset Excursion in standard category
Depart from Punta Bandera Port, 47 km from El Calafate, to navigate through the North Arm of Lake Argentino. We will cross the Boca del Diablo heading to the Upsala Channel to sail among the large icebergs breaking off from the front of the Upsala Glacier. Then, we enter the Spegazzini Channel, and shortly after, we will have the first view of the Dry Glacier. We continue sailing to the front of the Spegazzini Glacier, where we will also contemplate the Heim Sur and Peineta glaciers. We prepare to disembark at the Spegazzini Base. Optionally, you can taste exquisite regional menus with options for all tastes.
Additionally, to elevate your experience, you can opt for the Captain’s Club optional service during our excursions. Enjoy the preferential location, exclusive attention from hosts, and bilingual guides (Spanish/English) who will assist you throughout the journey.
Includes an exclusive service of food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) throughout the experience.
The route may be modified based on weather and safety conditions and at the captain's discretion.
Accommodation at the selected hotel.
Meals included: Breakfast.

Day 04: El Calafate - Ushuaia
Transfer from the hotel to El Calafate Airport (flight not included). Arrival in Ushuaia.
Transfer from Ushuaia Airport to the hotel. Accommodation.
Accommodation at the selected hotel.
Meals included: Breakfast.

Day 05: Ushuaia
Tierra del Fuego National Park Excursion, by regular service
The National Park represents the southernmost protected area in Argentina. It is the only one with maritime coasts and mountains. Access is via National Route No. 3, about 11 km southwest of Ushuaia. On this tour, you will explore the Pipo River, Mount Susana, Acigami Lake, Alakush Visitor Center, Verde Lagoon, and Lapataia Bay, where the Pan-American Highway system ends. We will make stops for photographs and a 30-minute walk, subject to weather conditions. The topography of the park is extremely varied, with steep mountains, rivers, valleys, lakes, and access to the coast of the Beagle Channel.
Throughout the year, you can admire the subantarctic forest. The most common mammal is the Fuegian red fox. The variety of marine and mountain environments allows species of birds such as the cachaña, the giant woodpecker, the Rayadito, and the Patagonian thrush, to inhabit the park, including the caranca cauquén, the symbol of the National Park.
*Duration: Half day.
*Operability: Year-round.
*Difficulty: Low
End of the World Train (Combined with Tierra del Fuego NP), by regular service, tourist class
The End of the World Train invites you to relive the last 7 km of the old route of the prisoner train, which departed from the Ushuaia prison to the slope of Mount Susana to obtain different materials for construction. Onboard the train, you can hear the story and enjoy magnificent landscapes, including the winding Pipo River, the Macarena waterfall, the tree cemetery, and the majestic forest. Traveling through an inaccessible part of Tierra del Fuego
National Park, you can enjoy this experience aboard a vintage train with steam locomotives and elegant cars with large windows. The train ride complements the Tierra del Fuego National Park excursion. We will transfer you from your hotel to the station in one of our comfortable buses. Your guide awaits you at the end of the train journey. The remaining 21 km within the park are covered by bus, and the return to the city is arranged.
Accommodation at the selected hotel.
Meals included: Breakfast.

Day 06: Ushuaia
Penguin Rookery Maritime Excursion
We start the navigation from the Tourist Pier in our city, heading towards the center of the Beagle Channel, enjoying as we move away, the panoramic view of the coast of Ushuaia, sighting the most important buildings, Maritime Museum (former prison), End of the World Museum, the industrial area, and the Olivia and Cinco Hermanos mountains.
We sail southwest, approaching the island of Los Lobos, where, from the boat, we can enjoy the view of sea lion specimens, observing their permanent habitat in a wonderful setting. Continuing the navigation, we will head towards the island of Los Pájaros, the habitat of Magellanic Cormorants and Imperial Cormorants, and a privileged area to see specimens of marine birdlife.
We continue sailing towards Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, in the archipelago of the same name. On these islets, it is possible to observe parts of Mount Cervantes, a ship that sank in 1930. Following the southern coast of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, we will see Estancia Remolino where the ship Monte Sarmiento is stranded. Crossing the Beagle Channel in a
North-South direction, we will see Gable Island and the Puerto Williams Naval Base (located on Navarino Island, Republic of Chile). Upon reaching Martillo Island, we approach the beach and stay there. It is amazing to see how the colony of Magellanic Penguins that nest during
the summer season approaches the boat with remarkable curiosity, entering the sea by swimming under the catamaran and emerging again. A celebration that invites us to take countless photographs.
From here, we return sailing to the Tourist Pier, sighting along the way, the Tunnel and Fique Estancias.
Includes: Dock fee.
Minimum: 10 Passengers.
Frequency and Schedule: Daily. In the morning. Departure at 09:00 am. In the afternoon.
Departure at 03:00 pm. Duration: 06 hours.
Accommodation at the selected hotel.
Meals included: Breakfast.

Day 07: Ushuaia - Buenos Aires
Breakfast. Regular transfer without a guide from the hotel to Ushuaia Airport.


- 3 nights accommodation in Calafate at the selected hotel with breakfast included.
- 3 nights accommodation in Ushuaia at the selected hotel with breakfast included.
- IN/OUT transfers on a regular basis in Calafate and Ushuaia.
- Minitrekking Excursion, regular.
- Standard regular Sunset Lakeside Excursion.
- Tierra del Fuego National Park Excursion, regular.
- End of the World Train, regular, tourist class.
- Regular Penguin Rookery Maritime Excursion.

- Airfare.
- Airport taxes.
- Travel assistance and cancellation insurance.
- Personal expenses.
- Tips.
- National Park entrance fees and boarding fees.
- Meals not indicated as included.
- Any service not expressly indicated as included in the itinerary.

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