Embark on a 10 day journey through the heart of Jordan ...

... beginning with the bustling streets of Amman. From exploring the depths of Mujib Nature Reserve to marveling at the rose-colored wonders of Petra, each day offers new experiences.

Day 01


Upon arrival at Amman Airport, our Pan East airport staff will meet the group at the gate just as they leave the airplane. Full assistance with visa and customs formalities will be provided at Amman Airport.

Afterwards, transfer to the hotel in Amman and enjoy the rest of the day at leisure.

Buffet dinner and overnight stay at the hotel in Amman.

Day 02


Begin your day with a buffet breakfast at the hotel. Embark on a journey to the Lowest Nature Reserve on Earth bordering the Dead Sea at 400 meters below sea level, the Mujib Nature Reserve. Surrounding Wadi Mujib, a deep and majestic canyon that cuts through rugged highlands and drains into the Dead Sea, visitors will be fascinated by Mujib's adventurous, solace, and serenity in a true wilderness environment.

Enjoy the Malaqi Trail, a thrilling water trail lasting 6-8 hours. The trail begins at the visitor center by the Mujib Bridge on the Dead Sea highway, where a guide will escort you south for a short distance (3 Km) along the highway before turning onto a steeply ascending trail into the nature reserve. The hike leads to a striking area of creamy-white hills made of soft rock deposits, followed by a descent to the crystal-clear river Mujib. You'll have the opportunity to swim in natural pools and descend a 20-meter waterfall using ropes. The hike concludes at the visitor center.

Buffet dinner and overnight stay at Wadi Mujib Canyon Reserve Chalets.

Day 03


Start your day with a buffet breakfast at the hotel. Spend the morning at leisure bathing and relaxing in the gently lapping waters of the Dead Sea, where you'll be amazed that you can never sink! Treat yourself to a soothing massage or try the well-known healing powers of minerals from the sea’s muddy floor.

Around noon, drive to visit Karak’s Crusaders Castle built in the 12th century AD, situated on a hilltop about 1000 meters above sea level and surrounded by a valley on three sides. Lunch at Kings Castle Restaurant. Proceed to the Dana Nature Reserve for a buffet dinner and overnight stay.


Day 04


Start your day with a buffet breakfast at Dana Guesthouse. Dana Nature Reserve offers a world of natural treasures. Visitors will experience the beauty of Rummana Mountain, the tranquility of Dana Village, and the grandeur of the red and white sandstone cliffs of Wadi Dana. Enjoy the Wadi Dana Trail, a long hike lasting 14km and taking 5-7 hours, offering a spectacular downhill walk from Dana to Feynan through the sandstone gorge of Wadi Dana. Lunch box provided. Buffet dinner and overnight stay at Feynan Eco Lodges.

Day 05


Commence your day with a buffet breakfast at Feynan Eco-Lodges. Feynan is an extraordinary area due to copper mining. During the Bronze Age, mining and smelting techniques became more advanced. The most obvious relic of the copper age is Khirbet Feynan, a Byzantine settlement with three churches, indicating the size and importance of the community.

Embark on the Wadi Ghwair Trail, an 8km hike taking 4 hours. Starting from the Eco-Lodge via Khirbet Feynan with its Byzantine archaeology to Wadi Feynan, you'll continue hiking along the gravel river bed of the Wadi, alongside a flowing stream, to the entrance to Wadi Ghweir. A lunch box will be provided, and if time permits, a small excursion will be made into the Ghweir canyon.

In the afternoon, drive to Petra, the greatest city of the Arab nation which existed 2000 years ago. Enjoy a buffet dinner and overnight stay at a hotel in Petra.

Day 06


Start your day with a buffet breakfast at the hotel. Begin your visit by enjoying a walk or a short horse ride from Petra’s main entrance to the entrance of the old city “Al Siq”, a 350-meter narrow canyon. As you reach the end of the Siq, the first and greatest monument of Petra slowly comes into view: the famous Treasury monument “Al Khazneh”.

Petra, known as “The Rose City”, is an extraordinary and unique place built by the Arab Nabateans over 2000 years ago. The Nabateans carved their monumental tombs, palaces, temples, and treasury from the desert’s natural rose-colored rocks and sandstones.

After a buffet lunch at Basin Restaurant inside Petra, clients who wish to return to the hotel will walk the same way. For those interested in visiting the Monastery, they will climb 800 steps to reach it. Similar in design to the Treasury but larger (50m high x 45m wide) and less decorated, the Monastery is a fascinating site.

Drive back to the hotel in Petra for a buffet dinner and overnight stay.

Day 07


Begin your day with a buffet breakfast at the hotel. Depart for the Natural Resort of Wadi Rum, known as “The Valley of the Moon”, a unique place unlike anywhere else you have ever visited. Arrive at the village of Rum, where you will be picked up by local Bedouins to explore this splendid desert.

Enjoy a picnic lunch and experience the sunset in Wadi Rum. Buffet dinner and overnight stay at a Bedouin Camp in Wadi Rum.

Day 08 FULL DAY VISIT OF WADI RUM Start your day with a buffet breakfast at the camp. Explore Wadi Rum further with 4x4 Bedouin Pick Ups, driving to Jebel Khash where you'll hike up to the summit for an amazing view above the Wadi Rum desert and the Saudi border. After a picnic lunch, walk through Nugra valley and return to the Bedouin camp for a buffet dinner and overnight stay.

Day 09


Begin your day with a buffet breakfast at the camp. In the morning, enjoy a two-hour camel ride from the Bedouin camp to Wadi Rum village, where you'll meet your driver. Lunch will be provided en route. Drive to Amman for a buffet dinner and overnight stay at a hotel.

Day 10


Conclude your journey with a buffet breakfast at the hotel, followed by transfer to Amman Airport for departure.

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