During the past decades, we have become more conscious when travelling. We more and more think about the impact on nature, society and culture when we visit foreign places and communities. What is the best way to leave a positive footprint? How can I combine my leisure travels with a substantial contribution to the country, city or village I travel to? These are some of the questions the traveller asks and which we should ask ourselves as well.

Lufthansa City Center has started a cooperation with the Lufthansa Group supported organization called help alliance. Help alliance works together with local partners to create perspectives for children, teenagers and young adults worldwide. In order to enable them to lead self-determined and independent lives, the projects focus on education and vocational training as well as on promoting income-generating measures.

How can we support these projects? The answer is: through Community Based Tourism. Community based tourism is tourism in which local residents (often rural, poor and economically marginalised) invite tourists to visit their communities with the provision of overnight accommodation. The residents earn income as land managers, entrepreneurs, service and produce providers, and employees.

Community Based Tours - to be followed soon
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