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Nepal Temples and Tigers

Embark on an unforgettable family tour in Nepal, blending ancient temples and thrilling wildlife encounters. Begin in Kathmandu, then journey to Bardia National Park for an exhilarating safari adventure, and explore the charming town of Dhulikhel, known for its stunning Himalayan views. This tour promises a perfect mix of cultural exploration and wildlife excitement.9 Days […]

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| 27. May 2024
Slow Travel and Mountain Trekking at Gibbs Farm South Africa

It’s about the journey, not about the destination. Gibb’s Farm- our top tip for those who enjoy “Slow travel” – personally checked by our team at Amazing Africa.When we speak of safari the immediate image that comes to mind is that of a decked-out 4WD safari vehicle traversing the horizon with dust billowing covering large open […]

Africa South Africa

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| 25. April 2024
Your Gateway to Untamed Beauty and Wildlife in Eifel National Park

Eifel National Park, located in western Germany, it is a captivating blend of natural beauty and biodiversity. Spread across the rugged Eifel region, it encompasses lush forests, meandering rivers and scenic valleys. The park is known for its ancient beech forests, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Germany Western Europe

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| 8. March 2024
Shetland Wildlife Tour

An unforgettable walking adventure to the Shetland Isles – a remote archipelago of more than 100 exposed islands off the northern tip of Scotland.

Scotland Western Europe

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| 8. March 2024