You don't need an alarm clock on a safari

"No one can resist the allure of Africa", as the British writer Rudyard Kipling recognized over 100 years ago.

In order to discover the secret of Africa, a twelve-strong LCC group set off from the gloomy, cold November weather in Germany to discover Namibia for themselves. Discover Airlines, which could not have been more aptly named, was the perfect partner.

The welcoming committee in Namibia was waiting for us and consisted of 25 degrees, a bright blue sky, warm rays of sunshine from the newly risen sun and the fantastic team of the new LCC DMC partner Journeys Namibia.

We quickly realized that the clocks tick differently in Africa. The journey is the reward, and so the 12 protagonists, spread over two minibuses, set off past the capital Windhoek and straight into the Namibian adventure. With our local guides Hermann and Gert, we had probably the best driver guides in Namibia on board. The more challenging the roads became, the better they got. Even a burst tire in the middle of nowhere couldn't stop us on our discovery tour: After all, we had Hermann and Gert.

First impressions of Namibia's diversity

The unbelievable size and vastness of Namibia seemed surreal at first. But with every day we spent in this fantastically beautiful country, we came to understand and love Namibia. If you want to discover this country crossover like we did, you have to be wide awake every second of the trip. Because you might miss something and find yourself in a completely different landscape.

Off the beaten track

In order to understand, discover and feel the beauty and diversity of the country, you have to be prepared to leave traditional paths and sometimes take less comfortable routes. Because off the beaten track awakens the explorer's heart. And there is much, much to discover in Namibia - trust me. Coupled with the unbelievable warmth and friendliness that was shown to us everywhere, we all quickly realized that we were on the right trip.

Accommodation with character

These emotions were reflected in the choice of accommodation made by Journeys Namibia. Every single lodge had its own unique selling point.Whether it was the rustic tree house at Hobatere Lodge in the middle of the wilderness, where "the lion king wakes everyone up with his roar", the breathtaking view from every single bungalow during our stay at Grootberg Lodge, the eponymous architectural style of the accommodation at Shipwreck Lodge on the Skeleton Coast or the classic safari tent at the beautiful Ondudi Lodge with its friendly staff - we felt very welcome everywhere.


Our "once in a lifetime moment", however, and we all agreed on this, was the sunset at Grootberg Lodge. Coupled with a breathtaking view into the depths of the Klipriver Canyon, which surrounds Grootberg Lodge, it was the most magical moment on this LCC FAM trip. In the golden light of the setting sun, the shadows lengthened and the voices quieted to absolute silence.

The goal of each of the 12 LCC companions to discover Africa for themselves turned strangers into friends. We not only discovered the many traces of this beautiful country, but also left some behind and these will remain in the hearts of the travelers in our wonderful group.

Conclusion: On safari through Namibia

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks for this special and emotional FAM trip, to LCR, especially Holger Beindorf, Katharina Borowski from Discover Airlines and Janine and Martha from LCC Journeys Namibia, our DMC partner on site. You have made the last 7 days an experience that I will not soon forget. You know why.

The last few lines, and with them a special thanks, go to the country of Namibia and its people. Without the country and the people, this tour would not have been nearly as impressive and eventful. The openness and warmth with which this country welcomed us was unique. In many respects, we can learn a lot from Namibia, a country with which we share a common history. Tot ziens in Namibia.


Travel report by Enrico Ufer, LCC Reisebüro Reuter, Germany