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Welcome to LCC Giller Reisen

Using all our expertise, gained over many years in the Travel Industry and Event Business, Giller Reisen will support you in organizing your event.

As a “full service agency”, we are happy to offer a one-stop professional and systematically planning and fullfilment.

Our professional and reliable team will make the impossible become possible, and always be a strong and reliable partner for each client en route to build your perfect event.

Bavaria (in German: Bayern) is the largest federal state of Germany, situated in the southeastern-most part and extends from the North German Plains up to the Alps in the very south with it´s most wonderful and beautiful captital, Munich (München).

So this heavenly place is exactly what most people around the world will be thinking of first, when Germany comes to their mind.

Ironically, Bavaria culturally is much similar and almost has got more things in common with it´s neighbouring countries Austria and Switzerland than with most other northern parts of Germany itself. This stereotype includes Lederhosen (traditional leather trousers), sausages and the best tasting beer in the whole world.

On top of this exciting and most beautiful landscape, Giller Events offers to all visitors traveling to Europe: tradition, spectacular spots and of a kind events at incredible event locations. Always individually designed and planned just for YOU by all members of our professional and excited team. We will make your dream come true!

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Giller Reisen
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