Upon arrival in Stuttgart, you will realize that although the city is industrial, it is still a poetic and liveable city. Enjoy with fine wine, due to the surrounding wine region, and delicate food.

You should definitely dedicate a day to discover the main attractions of Stuttgart. There are some of outstanding art museums, magnificent palaces and architectural landmarks representing different styles as baroque and Art Nouveau.
Wilhelma Zoo with 11.000 animals and 7.000 different plant species is one of the largest and well-known zoos in Germany showing the variety and beauty our planet has to offer.

The city is also famous as Germany’s automotive capital because of the many automotive facturies.
Get an impression and learn about the history of the well-known brands Mercedes Benz and Porsche, in their museums, exhibition halls and parts of the factories which are opened for public visits.

A must see attraction is the closely located town of Ludwigsburg with it’s nice and delightful centre in Baroque style. You can easily reach it from Stuttgart by train. This small city is unique due to the gorgeous Residence Palace and its gardens with exotic plants and birds.
The highlight of your visit in Stuttgart is Europe’s biggest Spring festival which it takes place in April, a huge fair with carousels, funfair rides, food, traditional markets and a lot of what Germany is well known for- Beer!!
A big celebration to welcome spring is awaiting you in Stuttgart.


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