DAY01: El Calfate

Arrival in El Calafate. Transfer from the local airport to the Hotel in Calafate

Night in Bahia Redonda Hotel with breakfast.

DAY02: El Calfate


Minitrekking Excursion in regular (Walking on the Glacier)

Transfer from the hotels to Los Glaciares National Park. The excursion begins at the port "Bajo de las Sombras" approximately 6 km before the Glacier Viewpoint, where we embark to cross the Rico Lake, reaching the southwest coast after approximately 20 minutes of navigation in front of the south wall of the Perito Moreno glacier.

After the disembarkation, we will access to the refuge where the guides organize the groups, composed up to 20 people each. Then we start a walk along the lake shore for approximately 20 minutes to the glacier. Upon reaching the edge of the ice the guides place the crampons to the participants, who receive instructions on how they should move on the ice. The tour on the glacier has a duration of approximately 1:30 hours, and during the course of it you can see a variety of ice formations such as: cracks, seracs, sinkholes, small lagoons, etc.

The walk is moderate. The ice surface on which you walk is irregular, but firm and safe. Explanations will be received about the flora, fauna and general glaciology of the region as well as the particular phenomenon that occurs in the Perito Moreno glacier and eventually produces its rupture.

At the end of the walk, return to the refuge through the exuberant Magellanic forest.
*It is required to carry some snack for lunch, not included.
*Entrance fee to the National Park included.
*Clothing: Comfortable and warm clothing, waterproof or windbreaker jacket, laced sports shoes or trekking boots. Rubber boots, apres ski or high heel are not allowed. Sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves are mandatory to walk in the ice, hat for sun or shelter for cold weather.
*Limitations: this excursion, due to the degree of effort and difficulty that it presents, is only suitable for people between 10 and 65 years old. People who are overweight should not participate, pregnant women; persons with any degree or type of physical or mental disability that affects their attention, progress and/or coordination; people suffering from central or peripheral cardiovascular diseases,their cardiac or vascular capacities are diminished, or they use stents, pacemakers or other prostheses; people suffering from diseases that provoke respiratory disabilities.

Night in Bahia Redonda Hotel with breakfast.

DAY03: El Calfate - El Chaltén


Regular transfer from the hotel in El Calafate to hotel in El Chaltén.

Night in Pudu Lodge Hotel in El Chaltén with breakfast.

DAY04: El Chaltén


Full day excursion Trek Fitz Roy - Laguna de los Tres.
The classic, spectacular and unforgettable trek of the region. A trek that takes you past some impressive scenery and through forests until you arrive at the mystical Mount Fitz Roy; admiring lagoons of different shades of blue, imposing glaciers and campgrounds visited by famous international climbers.

This trek starts with a transfer to the trailhead at El Pilar, located 17 km to the north of the town. The journey itself is enjoyable for the lovely views of the valley, the Río de Las Vueltas, that we drive along, and constantly present the impressive Cordón de Los Cóndores. After about 20 minutes we start to see Mt Fitz Roy from a different angle.

We start walking in a dense forest of lengas, that protect us from the winds coming off the Continental Ice Field. Right from the start we are able to see lots of different glaciers; Marconi, Eléctrico, Cagliero and in the distance, towards Lago del Desierto, the Vespignani glacier.

Laguna De los Tres Trekking : The path is easy as it’s quite flat and the climbs are gentle. We arrive at our first viewpoint, Piedras Blancas glacier and a bit later we leave the forest and end up in a clearing where we can admire in all their splendour the peaks of “S”, Saint Exupéry, Poincenot, Fitz Roy, Mermoz and Guillaumet.

From here we continue for a few more minutes until we arrive at Poincenot camp ground, located in beautiful lenga forest inhabited by countless varieties of birds, which will accompany us with their song until we reach the campground Río Blanco. This is the base camp for the most adventurous climbers who will attempt to conquer these granite masses.

We then climb 400m in about an hour until we arrive at Laguna de los Tres. On arriving at the highest point on the path, we are rewarded by the majestic views of Fitz Roy, the glacier de los Tres and its lagoon. The grandeur of this location makes you feel very insignificant.
From here we circle Laguna de los Tres and head towards the viewpoint of the Laguna Sucia and its glacier. Again, the breathtaking views are unforgettable.

After a rest and a bite for lunch (not included), we will start the descent and walk back to El Chaltén.

On route we go past some varying landscape, crystal clear streams and we pass by Laguna Capri - a favourite spot for photographers. After visiting the lagoon we drop down into the valley where El Chaltén is located.

*Length: 8/9 hours
*Grade of difficulty: Moderate
*Experience required: Fit. No trekking experience required
*Season: October to April

Night in Pudu Lodge Hotel in El Chaltén with breakfast.

DAY05: El Chaltén 


Full day excursion Pliegue Tumbado Trek with box lunch.
The head of the trail is at the entrance of the town, right at the Administrative Headquarters of the National Park. After 1 hour of walking in slight ascent and crossing enchanting forests of Lengas and ñires, you reach an open area, called “Pampa de las Carretas”, with a wide and beautiful view of the Fitz Roy, Torre and Huemul. Then, the path goes back into the lush forest, where you can surely identify many birds that inhabit the area.

When the forest ends, a more arid and mountain landscape begins, and the path deviates to the Mirador del Pliegue Tumbado, in this section there are very easy marine fossil remains of ammonites and belemnites 100 million years old.
In this Mirador, you have a spectacular view of almost the entire area: Fitz Roy river canyon, Glacier and Cerro Torre, Madre e Hija lagoons, Fitz Roy, and even the Condor Lagoon. From another angle, the view reaches Lake Viedma, and the valley of the Tunnel River, with the Passage of the Wind, gateway to the Continental Ice.

*Duration: Full Day (7 to 8 hours)
*Technical Difficulty: Beginner
*Personal Requirement: Moderate
*Departure: 9.00 Return: 16/17 hs

Night in Pudu Lodge Hotel in El Chaltén with breakfast.

DAY06: El Chaltén - el Calfate 


Regular transfer from the hotel in El Chaltén to hotel in El Calafate.

Rest of the day at leisure.

Night in Bahia Redonda Hotel with breakfast.

DAY07: El Calfate


Full day Mayo Spirt Trek Navigation in regular*
Departing from Puerto Argentino or Puerto Moreno, we will navigate through the Chanel of the Témpanos and enter to the Seno Mayo of the Lago Argentino. We will disembark at Toro Bay and, accompanied by a guide, will make an interpretative walk through the Patagonian Andean Forest (made up of guindos, canelos, lengas and ñires) until we reach a centenary guindo tree, with a trunk of more than three meters diameter. Then we will go through the forest until we reach a stream, which is fed by a waterfall, from where you can see a formation of calcareous rocks whose palisade measures approximately 180 meters high and 100 meters wide. Departing from Bahía Toro, continuing sailing through the Seno Mayo of the Lago Argentino, from where we will observe the hanging glaciers of Cerro Mayo and Cerro Negro. Then, we will disembark together with the guide and we will initiate a walk, of approximately 1.000 meters, inside the Andean Patagonian Forest; following the path of a stream, we will guide ourselves to the stone wall from where we will observe the hanging glaciers before anything else and enjoy, with 360º panoramic views and a wonderful landscape.

Finally, we will embark again to reach the north wall of the Perito Moreno Glacier and once there will be disembarked at the floating dock of Puerto Moreno, located at the foot of the footbridges, to give place to the tour of them.
* It is required to carry some snack for lunch, not included.
* Entrance fee to the National Park included.

Night in Bahia Redonda Hotel with breakfast.

DAY08: El Calfate


Transfer OUT from Bahia Redonda Hotel to El Calafate airport in regular.


*End of services*

Services included:
- Hotel Accomodation with breakfast
- Meals mentioned in the itinerary
- Transfers in/ out in regular
- Excursions in regular mentioned in the itinerary

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