Experience Thailand in just 5 days!

You'll get to visit off-the-beaten-path places that will truly touch your soul. Avoid the large tourist crowds and discover the hidden gems of this beautiful country.

With its multitude of hidden treasures, Thailand is a feast for the senses. From delicious dishes seasoned with chilli, lemongrass, and basil, to the scent of incense in a Buddhist monastery, there is something for every visitor. Thailand's natural beauty is surpassed only by the carefree nature of its people and their deeply rooted spirituality - all qualities that have made the country the most popular travel destination.

Day 1: Bangkok - Uthai Thani (210 km)
Explore the fascinating UNESCO World Heritage site of Ayutthaya, which was the capital of Siam and a thriving international trade port from 1350 until its plundering by the Burmese in 1767. Take a stroll through the well-planned streets of the city and visit magnificent palaces and temples that were once among the most beautiful in the world. Continue through the lush countryside to a village where you can observe the entire drum-making process used in ceremonies and processions. Natural cosmetics and aromatherapy have been part of Thai households for centuries, and you will experience how traditional and gentle extraction methods are used to obtain ingredients for tinctures and essential oils from different plants. Lunch at a riverside market famous for its sugar-coated houses, recognized by UNESCO for the preservation of cultural heritage. The most dazzling temple in Thailand is undoubtedly located in Uthai Thani. Visit the breathtaking Crystal Temple and then the impressive Golden Temple.

Day 2: Uthai Thani - Sukhothai (230 km)
Shortly after sunrise, witness the ancient ritual of the faithful offering alms to the monks to support the monastery community. Observe the traditional flag-raising ceremony during breakfast at your hotel. Thailand's fascinating history provides an elegant backdrop to daily life, from beautiful architecture to traditions passed down through generations. Take a journey through the historical park in Kamphaeng Phet, an ancient outpost from the Sukhothai era. Don't miss the local speciality, the "egg bananas," considered the most aromatic in Thailand. After lunch, drive through some of Thailand's most beautiful landscapes to Sukhothai, a prime example of classical Thai aesthetics. The structures are remarkably well-preserved, and the expansive garden complex is dotted with beautiful chedis, pagodas, and wats (temples) amidst lush greenery. Tonight, enjoy a delicious Thai dinner at a local restaurant known for its typical architecture and authentic Thai cuisine.

Day 3: Sukhothai - Chiang Mai (195 km)
Start the day with one of the most scenic drives in Thailand, passing through forests and rice fields. Traditional fabrics and weaving are an integral part of Thai culture. Handwoven fabrics are worn in rural areas every day and especially during important social occasions. The cotton and silk weavers, known for producing the finest fabrics, enjoy a good reputation for the quality of their work. Experience the unique lifestyle and culture of the Karen hill tribe and other ethnic groups in the northern regions, protected and supported by royal projects. Visit one of Thailand's most impressive temples in Lamphun, featuring different styles from various eras. It houses the world's largest bronze gong and a golden chedi that serves as a prime example of Lanna architecture. The extensive night markets in Chiang Mai, with dozens of street vendors, invite you for a stroll - or simply enjoy a drink at a trendy bar or restaurant.

Day 4: Chiang Mai
Take a rickshaw to the heart of the city, whose old town dates back to the 14th century. Wat Sri Supan in the traditional silver handicraft district of the city is an important centre for craftsmanship and contributes to preserving the silver smithing tradition in this area of Chiang Mai. At the Ancient Lanna Arts Study Centre, you can learn about the ancient techniques of artisans that are being passed down to the new generation of silversmiths. Enjoy a traditional lunch at a local restaurant before having some relaxation time at your hotel. In the late afternoon, visit a mystical tunnel temple in a forest, where trees bear words of wisdom. The next stop is the summit of Doi Suthep Mountain. It is an extraordinary experience as the sun sets, casting a beautiful golden glow. Enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of the sparkling city of Chiang Mai after sunset.

Day 5: Departure
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport.

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