Just one hour and a half drive Northeast to Hamburg you find a real hideaway to relax from business and have a short holiday on the shore of the Baltic Sea. WEISSENHAUS GRAND VILLAGE RESORT is a wonderful example of how the 400 years old historic building and its surrounding grounds are kept and improved by sustainable means. The management and the entire team are committed to follow the strict rules and philosophy to achieve their aims of sustainability. “See, understand and act” – this is their contribution to the protection of the earth and their guidance for ecological sustainability. You will feel and experience it everywhere in the resort and in every moment with anyone of the team! Meat, poultry and dairy products are mainly locally bought from regional producers ensuring non genetically modified seeds and feed. Other examples are that parts of the vegetables, fruits and herbs are grown in the own gardens, firewood is coming from reforestation-required farms in the neighborhood, innovative technologies reduce water consumption and purification of wastewater enable to return it to the water cycle.

Even your personal workout will contribute to gain energy as the cardio equipment is designed to feed it back to the energy system. What about a short break on the Baltic Sea

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