To discover Venice resting back on a private gondola ride gliding across the water, like a real Venetian of the past, is to immerse oneself in a completely new dimension, to look with new eyes at the unique Venetian palazzi that seem to hover in the water.

With his gentle movements, the gondolier will guide you along the never-changing canals while you sit back in his sleek hand-made wooden boat.

We will create the tour of your dreams, personalised just for you to make this a truly unique experience.Here are some examples of what we can prepare for you, including all the details only experienced Venetians such as ourselves can cater for.

Gondola History and Beauty

The gondola is the traditional means of transport which Venetians of old would once get around in their water-borne city.

A gondola will be made available to you with its gondoliere, who will uncover the hidden beauties of Venice with his every gentle stroke. An experience built around your own needs, at whatever time you prefer and for however long you wish.

Add a Bottle of Prosecco or Flowers

You may also want to make a toast with a local bottle of Prosecco or receive a bouquet of flowers!

Professional Photographer
A professional photographer immortalize such an unforgettable moment, or, if you like, request any other desire you wish to satisfy… like a true Venetian of the past.

Make a Proposal on Gondola

To top it off with the most romantic gesture in the world make your proposal on a Gondola and you’re guaranteed the most romantic moment of your life. Let us design your surprise for you, we’ll be your invisible cupid! Fall in love with us!

Gondola with Serenade

A Venetian tradition is to turn along the canals accompanied by a unique repertoire of typical romantic tunes, sung by top live performers, undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You’ll pass by elegant palaces, half-hidden in the web of canals, and as mesmerising as the notes of the traditional Venetian songs in your ears. And as you whisper gently and embrace one another in the gondola, you’ll be painting a scene as old as Venice itself. If you choose to enjoy a serenade by day

You’ll have beautiful pictures to take home with you, whereas later on in the evening, the sunset will make it a wonderfully intimate, romantic experience to look back on.

If you wish to keep the romance alive once off the gondola, you can easily book a table at a local restaurant where you can enjoy all sorts of delicious Venetian specialities.

Private Gondola Historic Tour

There’s little better than to uncover the secrets and history of the Grand Canal on board a gondola, just for you, with an expert guide in your own language who will accompany you in a voyage through time in the discovery of Venice’s treasures.

The Grand Canal, the majestic palaces, the proud gondoliers are all part of a world ready to be explored; you won’t believe how many aspects of our daily lives stem from Venetians and the customs of their secular Republic.

Once off the gondola, your guide will take you straight to the heart of the city, from Rialto, “the Wall Street of the middle-ages”, to Piazza San Marco, the core of Venice’s ancient political power.

Gondola with Peggy Guggenheim

Peggy Guggenheim spent most of her adult life in Venice, collecting works of art by some of the leading artists of the time, eventually becoming a key international figure in the world of art.

Peggy used to enjoy daily gondola rides around Venice, and she was in fact the last person to own her own private gondola, with a personal gondoliere at hand.

You will be able to admire the palaces along the Grand Canal until you arrive, just like Peggy, to the waterfront entrance of her palace, where a specialised guide will give you an exclusive tour of the Museum.

A singular experience where the modern meets the ancient in typical Venetian fashion, and which Peggy Guggenheim was able to capture first before offering it to posterity.

Come on our Gondola Ride with Peggy!

Wedding on Gondola

Talking of marriage, a Venetian will instantly picture a gondola adorned with a precious décor called “parecio”, which is used exclusively for such an event, with a gondolier in high uniform ready to accompany the spouses.

Very little can equal the arrival on a gondola before the marriage ceremony and the departure to later celebrate the event, lulled by the gentle waves as you glide between the majestic palaces in the most romantic city in the world.

Your friends and family will be close by on separate gondolas as they follow your nuptial course along the Grand Canal.

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