The harbour of Hamburg – group event. 

We would like to give you an idea what to do in the Hanseatic city Hamburg. Due to our great location in the northern part of Germany close to the North Sea the harbor is Hamburg's flagship. It’s really important for the economy and influences the view of the whole city. For groups (from 10 people) we can offer great weekend trips to show our beautiful city to you. Here is an example:

Arrival in the afternoon at the airport of Hamburg because of its great location it just takes you about 25 minutes to get into the city with public transport. Over there you can find hotels in all categories for each budget. As soon as you’ve checked in and had some time to refresh we can show you a great dinner location. Afterwards we will organize a tour on the famous Kiez of Hamburg which is a district of Hamburg with bars and nightclubs.

Your morning will start with a typical German breakfast to collect some strength for the day. The first excursion of the day goes to the harbour. We will show you the container terminals and you can see the daily life in a harbour. Around noon you will have free time to have lunch, to go shopping and to do sightseeing by yourself. In the late afternoon you will meet up for dinner a little bit earlier than usual because we are planning a great event in the evening. Due to Hamburg’s title ‘the city of musicals’ we would like to show you one of our current musicals.

After breakfast we want to show you our most famous building in Hamburg which is the Elbphilharmonie. We organize a plaza tour where your guide shares his knowledge of the story behind the construction with you. Next he will guide you through the Speicherstadt. It’s one of the oldest parts of Hamburg and has got a lot of history. In the afternoon you will go to the airport again and fly home or to your next destination.

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