We are pleased to introduce Armenia. This tour will remain in your memory for a long time, as you will see the beauty of the Armenian Highlands, monuments of nature and architecture, get acquainted with our customs and hospitality. We organized a 5-day program tour for you. You can enjoy the beauty of mountain landscapes, ancient fortresses and monasteries. Arrival will take place at night in Yerevan, and excursions will begin from the second day. The return trip will be through the same Yerevan airport.

DAY01: Arrival in Yerevan

DAY02: Yerevan, Khor Virap, Noravanik, Hermon 
Walking city tour in Yerevan after lunch we will drive to south of Armenia. On the way we will visit Khor Virap monastery. Located at the foot of biblical Mt. Ararat, this complex embodies the adoption of Christianity in Armenia in 301 AD. Thane we will have a pleasant visit Noravank monastery which is located in a gorge with picturesque reddish rocks. After drive further to the village of Hermon. Pause on route to enjoy wine tasting at the village of Areni which is famous for its red dry wine.
Overnight and dinner in Hermon village at hotel/corteges

Day03: Hermon, Artabuynk, Smbataberd, Tsakhats Kar, Yeghegis, Dilijan 
In the morning we will drive towards Artabuynk village, from which we will start hiking to fortress Smbataberd is a fortress located upon the crest of a hill between the villages of Artabuynk and Yeghegis (It is likely that Smbataberd was founded during the 5th century, but was better established and heavily fortified during the 9th to 10th centuries) from the fortress we will continue walk till the monastery of Tsakhats Kar. This architectural complex has been practically destroyed but even its ruins are very interesting and picturesque. The complex consists of two groups of monuments: the western, which is much older, and the eastern. The western side is represented by two churches - St. Virgin (10th century) and St. Ovannes. The eastern includes St. Karapet church (1041) with domed hall, and the vaulted church of Holy Sign constructed in the same year. From here we will walk to Yeghegis village then we will take car to drive to Dilijan. On the way we will visit the caravanserai of Selim, was built in 1332 by Prince Chesar Orbelian, according to an inscription in Armenian and Arabic. This caravanserai offered hospitality to travelers along the highway crossing the Selim mountains.
Overnight and dinner Dilijan.
Duration: 5 hrs
Distance: 12 km
Altitude change: +450m; -480m


DAY04: Dilijan, Haghartsin, Jukhtak Vank, Dilijan 
In the morning the bus will take us to village Shamakhyan. We will start todays hiking from Shamakhyan village, which is one of the districts of Dilijan Resort town. We will ascend Haghartin Mound from where we will have majestic view of Haghrtsin medieval monastery hidden in Dilijan forests.
*Possibility of hike to the summit of Hagartsin Mountain. Depends on the weather and physical abilities of the tourists.
After visit of Haghartisn monastery, we will drive to Dilijan.
Overnight and dinner at a guesthouse in Dilijan.
Distance of the hike is 12 km.
Duration of the hike is 6 hours.
Altitude change + 500m; - 550m.


DAY05: Dilijna, Lake Parz, Gosh Monastery, Aghveran Today we will drive towards Lake Parz. We will drive about 40 minutes then we will start hike to the village of Gosh. Thane we will drive to peninsula of Sevan lake where we will have a lunch in restorant. After lunch we will visit "The Black Monastery" or "Sevan Holy Apostolic Monastery" is situated on Sevan Peninsula. The proposal of building such a monastery was initiated by Catholicos Mesrop Eghivardeci and was developed by Princess Mariam, the daughter of king Ashot I in 874 of rough black and orange stones on the ruins of a 4th century monastery destroyed by Arabs. St. Mesrop Mashtots had a vision of 12 figures walking across the lake, who pointed him the place where the church had to be erected. From here we will drive to gorge of Aghveran where we will have overnight and dinner in hotel on a slope of Teghenis mountain.
Distance of the hike is 8 km.
Duration of the hike is 3 hours.
Altitude change + 300m; - 350m.


DAY06: Aghveran, Teghenis, Yerevan
After breakfast we will start climb to the summit of Teghenis from our hotel, from the top after picnic lunch we will descend to southern side towards Bujakan village. From the summit we will have majestic view to Ararat valley and mountain Ararat. From Bujakan we will drive to Aragats village.
Overnight and dinner in hotel.
Distance of the hike is 13 km.
Duration of the hike is 6 hours.
Altitude change + 850m; - 900m.


DAY07: Departure

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