On this freighter voyage large car carriers of the shipping line GRIMALDI are sailing between North Europe and South America. Accompanied vehicles to Montevideo/Uruguay are possible. You may book this voyage as a roundtrip or in sections to South America.

Freighter Voyage with ConRo vessels from Hamburg to Canada and the US

This freighter voyage with vessels managed by an Italian shipping company takes you from Europe to South America.

We can offer you almost weekly departures from e.g. Hamburg or Antwerp. Disembaraktion is possible in all ports except of Vitoria, Brazil but you are also welcome to sail the whole round trip.

Please note that at the moment we are not able to offer the return voyage from South America to Europe.

On this freighter voyage accompanied vehicles to Montevideo/Uruguay are possible. Schedule alterations and delays are very likely. The quality and comfort on these vessels are not comparable to conventional container vessels. Access to the bridge and to the engine room is only possible at the port. 

We can further provide you with:

- travel arrangements to and from the ports of embarkation and disembarkation
- accommodation within your destination for all hotel categories
- a program in the destination


ATPI Hamburg
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