Care for elderly elephants in their final home and treat them to a fun and messy mud bath. Learn how to turn elephant poop into paper in an entertaining, eco-friendly park. From a spectacular viewpoint, capture the views of the rolling mountains of northern Thailand.

Tour Overview:

This full day tour is all about elephants! Interact, feed and touch the elephants and discover how their poop is used to make beautiful paper products.

In the morning depart from your hotel into the countryside of Mae Sa to a very special home for elderly elephants. In the lush countryside is the Thai Elephant Care Centre, set up to provide care for elephants who have retired from working in the logging camps and elephant shows. The centre offers a better life and a loving home for elderly elephants that are not able to look after themselves. Spend time lavishing much-deserved affection on these gentle giants. Help to prepare their food, and after feeding them, walk together into the jungle and treat them to a delicious mud bath.

After saying goodbye to your four-legged friends, drive to Mon Cham, located high up on the ridge of a small mountain. This is the perfect spot from which to view the Royal Project farms and rural villages scattered amongst the distant hills and lush valleys and have lunch at Mon Jam.

After a Thai lunch visit the unique and eco-friendly Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park. This very enterprising outdoor museum produces colourful paper products from elephant poop fibers! Take a walk through the fun and interactive stations to learn the history and see all the stages of the paper production. After shopping for unusual souvenirs in the ‘Poo-tique’ gift shop, return to your hotel.

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