Live the magic of Colombian Nature in a 12 days trecking and cultural tour!


DAY01: Bogotá, Colombia

Welcome at El Dorado International Airport. Transfer Airport – selected Hotel. Overnight stay in Bogotá.

DAY01: Bogotá- Chinigaza National Natural Park

It is located in the Eastern Cordillera of the Andean region in Colombia, has an area of 76,600 hectares and heights between 800 and 4,150 meters above sea level. Its maximum altitude is at the denominated Peak Without Name in the central massif of Chingaza, situated in the municipality of Calvary. It has warm, mild, cold and paramo climates. However, in all the ecotourism zones the atmospheric conditions are very cold and rainy, including ecosystems as varied as wetlands, forests and humid forest. The temperature ranges between 4 and 21.5 ° C. Here lies the source to the Guatiquía and Frío rivers, and the abundant rains create lagoons such as Siecha and Chingaza. Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to Chinganza National Natural Park, where we will start a guided trek for approximately 3 hours. Here you will learn about the diversity of fauna and flora. In the afternoon, take a delicious snack in the municipality of La Calera, which includes panela water, cheese and arepa.

Return and overnight stay in Bogota.


DAY03: Bogotá - Villa De Leyva.

Breakfast at the hotel.

In the morning, panoramic tour through the historic area of Bogotá, passing through Colon Theatre, San Carlos Palace, where the Chancellery operates, the Presidential Palace of Nariño, Bolivar Square, the Capitol, the Town hall and the Primada Cathedral. Visit the gold museum and the Botero museum; later ascend by cable car to Monserrate, from where you can have an excellent view of the Colombian capital.

DAY04: Villa De Leyva- Periquera ecological park

It is a natural reserve and a tourist destination. It has a set of waterfalls surrounded by forests with a great biological diversity; it has become a great destination for all kinds of travelers. The park is made up of a forest composed mainly with oak trees; the native species of the area, its mantle is made up of compact rocks. The Cebada River is born 8 km back; it passes through the park forming a chain of waterfalls. The first waterfall has a 15 meter drop, and bears the name of the “Periquera”, which comes from a species of birds called the parakeet, that inhabited this area. Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning, visit to the town of Villa de Leyva. Have an appreciation of the urban area and its history, narrated by the guide who will accompany you on the tour. Plus, visit to two museums according to the day of this tour. In the afternoon, tour to the Periquera Ecological Park.


DAY05: Villa De Leyva - Paso del Angel - El Hayal Falls
The Paso Del Angel (Passage of the Angel) is a tourist site located in a detour from the highway that leads Santa Sofia municipality to Moniquirá. It is a mountain edge about 20 cm wide and 2 meters long with abysses and rivers on each side. One is approximately 160 meters and the other approximately 60 meters high. It is a natural rock formation with a gigantic grotto of approximately 150 meters high, and has waterfalls ranging the height of 25 meters. Great place to practice speleology, since you can find a small cave. Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning, we will start the journey to El Paso del Angel. Duration: 4 hours. In the afternoon, a tour will be given to El Hayal Fall. This has an approximate duration of 5 hours.

DAY06: Villa De Leyva- Barichara - Camino Real.

It is a municipality of the department of Santander located in the province of Guanentá. The population is known for its buildings of the late eighteenth century; the old sector of the population was declared cultural heritage of the country. The Camino Real links Barichara and Guane. It was declared a National Monument in 1977 and restored under a decree in 1988. Historians claim that it was part of the Colombian Central-Eastern Royal Road, which connected the routes of Santafé de Bogotá, Tunja, Bucaramanga, Pamplona and Cúcuta, with bifurcations that led to Cartagena and Venezuela. The Camino Real did not stop being a paving of the millenarian roads of the Chibcha, Muisca and Guanes communities. This was made with flat stone slabs that abound in the region. It begins in the upper area of Barichara next to Bolívar’s Monument, from where it descends, crosses the new road to Guana, ascents the mountain and from the summit you can see the river and the village of Guane, then it descends in zigzag. Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to the town of Barichara. The ground transfer has an approximate duration of 4 hours. In the afternoon, tour to Camino Real.


DAY07: Barichara - Santa Marta.

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer Hotel –Palonegro International Airport. Flight: Bucaramanga – Barranquilla. Assistance at Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport. Transfer from Barranquilla to Santa Marta. Duration: 2 hours approximately.

Check-in at the selected hotel in Santa Marta. In the afternoon, take a city tour around Santa Marta. Return and overnight stay in Santa Marta.


DAY08: Santa Marta –Lost City.

The Lost City, also known as Teyuna or Buritaca, is an ancient Tayrona indigenous village and archaeological site. It was built around the 8th or 9th century BC and is considered one of the main archaeological sites in Colombia. It is part of one of the more than 250 ancient settlements of the four indigenous groups that are found on the north and southwest areas of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in the department of Magdalena, Colombia. It is the most famous trail in Colombia and lasts 5 days. It combines everything you are looking for in a trek: challenging grounds, incredible landscapes and a destination that will leave you breathless.

Breakfast at the hotel. 9:00 a.m.

Departure from the city of Santa Marta to the region of Mamey in a small truck. Approximate duration: 3 hours. From the small village of Mamey, you will start walking up to the first station. Here, you will find hammocks to rest over night and some natural pools to cool off.


DAY09: Lost City
After breakfast, continue hiking through a short crossing and then descend to a small valley formed by the Buritaca River, where some indigenous constructions are grouped in a small village known as Mutanzhi, which translates to Buritaca River and “beach” to the colonizers. The journey takes 3 hours and 30 minutes approximately. Here you will find the cabin where you’ll spend the night, have some rest and enjoy the natural pools formed by the river.


DAY10: Lost City
At 7:00 am.Begin the walk through the areas of the Kogui -Arsario indigenous reservation at the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Natural Park. You will pass across several indigenous houses and in some areas you will find traces of path left by the ancient inhabitants of the region. Cross the Buritaca River to finally arrive at Romualdo’s cabin where you will spend the night.

DAY11: Lost City
Breakfast at 8:00 a.m.Recognition of the Lost City. Depart for a 2-hour hike to arrive at the Lost City. You will have a tour where you will learn the different environmental adaptations that the Tayronas made, the ceremonial houses of the current tribes, and the vegetation that creates a spectacular prehistoric scenario. In the middle of the route it is also possible to take a bath in the well of youth, which according to the legend fulfills wonderful miracles. After finishing the tour you will return to Gabriel’s cabin.


DAY12: Lost City
Departure at 7:00 a.m. to take a car in Mamey to the city of Santa Marta. The walk lasts approximately 6-7 hours, taking a break of one hour in Mamey. After taking the car, rest for a while at the entrance of the Tayrona National Park to take a snack and then continue to Santa Marta to arrive approximately at 4:00 pm.

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