Indulge in the Luxury of Rovos Rail

Personally checked by our Mirjam Meyer, Krupa Kara and Ryan Lependy at LCC Amazing Africa. 

The African continent has plenty to offer, from gorilla trekking into the secret emerald world of Rwanda’s rainforests to hot air balloon flights over the vast herds of the Great Migration. However, one experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list is a luxury train journey on Rovos Rail.

Many think that the age of the rail has ended and the only need for a train these days is for transporting coal and runaway teenagers in the American 50’s.Hollywood scripts would not do the story of Rovos Rail justice. The conception of the rail company was a culmination of specific events and people that lead to the creation of one of the most luxurious and awe inspiring trains in history.

The Rovos Rail operates some very exciting routes spanning the interior of South Africa as well as several beautiful international routes. These trips range from 3-day excursions between Pretoria to Cape Town, to 15-day journeys from Cape Town to Dar es Salaam. Being able to experience trips such as these puts you within an elite group to traverse the continent by rail.

Another famous, must-experience route is the 4 day trip from Pretoria to Victoria Falls. This amazing journey leaves you with a true sense of wonder and awe as you end at the majestic Falls after 4 days in absolute luxury, in your choice of suites on board the Rovos Rail. Allow yourself to experience a true taste of nature’s beauty as you sit back in luxury and watch the sands of time pass by your private suite's window.

Whether you hop on board for a once in a lifetime experience that ends up spanning multiple visits or simply enjoy a 3 day trip to the Falls to experience all that it has to offer, the Rovos Rail is by no means a relic of a bygone era. It stands as a pinnacle of luxury and elegance in a world where form often gives way to function and luxury is only seen and not truly experienced. Enjoy modern service, technology and convenience,

Best time to visit?

Selected journeys run all year while some of the short journeys do not run in the winter.

Ideal for?
The Rovos Rail welcomes all travellers – singles, couples and groups. The dining cars are made up of two-seaters and four-seaters where guests eat together or individually and their lounge and observation cars – with their big picture windows, sofas and booths – make for great mingling areas or quiet corners to while away the days.

What makes this trip so unique?                                                            

  • Meals are served in the charming Victorian atmosphere of the dining cars.
  • For days on the train, dress is smart casual. Evening attire is more formal – for the gentlemen a jacket and tie is a minimum requirement while for ladies wear cocktail/evening dresses or suits.
  • In maintaining the spirit of travel of a bygone era, there are no radios or television sets on board. The use of mobile phones, laptops and essentially anything that has the ability to disturb other passengers is confined to the privacy of the suites only.
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