South Africa has been under the “ginfluence” for the last few years with the rapid increase in demand. Gin Festivals and multiple homegrown gin brands have blossomed in the country.

Today, South Africa boasts with a variety of homegrown gins to choose from. Enjoy the beauty of the Lowveld at Ndhula Luxury Tented Lodge when you stay in White River, a highly sought after area in the Kruger Lowveld Region of Mpumalanga, in the form of a relaxed afternoon on their main deck sipping on the finest gins that are produced locally in South Africa and have all the flavours of Africa. Many of these regional gins promote conservation, such as Indlovu Gin, which is produced from elephant dung.
Taste four different flavours of Dollie Gin, hand-crafted locally at Gin&Co in White River paired with seasonal toppings and selected mixers. Each gin is perfectly paired with a tonic and botanicals, imbued with the heady aromatic notes to suit that particular gin best. Your host will share insights on the distillery and their history, and will guide guests on the taste adventure. Whether spicier, more floral, strong or gentle - everyone is sure to find their favourite gin here.

Best time to visit?
The best time to be in the Mpumalanga Loweld Region of South Africa is during the winter months, between May and August, with continuous glorious open clear sunshine days, and a moderate climate with temperatures ranging between 5 and 25 degrees Celcius. The summer months between September and April, although generally moderate, can be wet, due to the rainy season.

Ideal for?
Ndhula Luxury Tented Lodge is ideal for ramblers exploring South Africa's back roads by car or for a romantic getaway in the bushveld away from South Africa's Kruger National Park.

What makes the property unique?

  • Ideally situated in the Mpumalanga Lowveld Region of South Africa, Ndhula Luxury Tented Lodge is giving incredible views over the mountains, the bushveld, and the surrounding valleys.
  • This stunning view, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, as well as a wonderful array of “plains” game species that graze close by give this place a “Serengeti” type ambiance.
  • The name “Ndhula” is the short and modified form of Indlulamithi, which means “Giraffe” in the local isiZulu language. When the founder of the Lodge first visited this property, a bunch of Giraffes crossed their way. That was the sign to name the Lodge after this graceful animal.

This lovely tour is personally checked by our Mirjam Meyer and Krupa Kara at Amazing Africa.

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