A different way to discover Venice Lagoon. Sweet, brackish, salty: the way of the water.

Cycling and canoeing: two outdoor activities that allow us to get a immersion experience into the environment of the Lagoon around Venice, part of the Unesco World Heritage Sites. While cycling we will have the chance se the Lagoon from the mainland and while canoeing we’ll be able to admire the main land from the opposite side if it: the sea.

By bike we’ll manage to get into the heart of the Lagoon, along the border and through the stretches of land that slipping into the water: Lio Piccolo and Lio Maggiore. This itinerary allows us to see magnificent birds living here among which we’ll find pink flamingos.

Our exploration by bike also touches the coast of Jesolo and reaches Punta Sabbioni passing through Cavallino and Treporti. In Punta Sabbioni we can have a nice walk up to the little lighthouse to have to see more of these so called shiny guardians of the adriatic coast.

Once in Lio Piccolo we’ll get on a boat to reach Lio Maggiore where a wonderful agriturism awaits for us completely surrounded by the water of the lagoon. A good cuisine and an deep peace will bring our day to a close.

Now that the environment of the lagoon has completely conquered us with its beauty, being curious about the other side of it comes natural. We’ll then get on canadian style canoes, with their flat bottom, and we’ll let us guide into an easy but fulfilling exploration of the lagoon passing through the wonderful islands of Burano and Torcello. This way we will see them from the inside and then we’ll get to know them just walking through their tiny streets and crossing their many bridges. We’ll stop in Burano for lunch and visit the ancient Basilica of Torcello. Back to our agritourism it is time to say goodbye but our heart will remain filled up with colours, scents, nature and the art of this wonderful land.

Tour Description

This is a round tour that starts and finishes in Lio Maggiore (Jesolo – VE). The bike trail goes on roads with low car traffic and short stretches on medium car traffic roads. The road bank is asphalt or we will be pedaling on nice dirt roads. Just once we’ll find a bumpy road. The path is flat. The canoeing part explores the northern part of the lagoon passing through the Islands of Burano and Torcello.

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights.

Difficulty: beginners Place: Italy | Veneto

Services Included

  • 2 nights with breakfast in excellent agriturism
  • 2 three-course-dinner, drinks (1/4 liter wine or 300 cl bier), tap water and bread are included. One is a meat dinner, the other one is fish dinner with an alternative menu for those who don’t like fish.
  • 1 packed lunch, which includes sandwiches, fruit, a dessert, 1/2 liter water.
  • 1 tour guide by bike.
  • 1 tour guide canoeing (2 guides for groups from 15 to 20 people).
  • 1 canadian canoe each 2 people and personal lifejacket.
  • Boat transfer from Lio Piccolo to Lio Maggiore with bikes.
+39 045 9298500
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