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Flavours of Romania

Experience Romania’s culinary and wine heritage through a vibrant journey for the senses Romanian gastronomy is a flavorful fusion of influences from various cultures that have shaped the country’s culinary landscape over centuries. From hearty dishes rooted in traditional peasant cuisine to refined delicacies influenced by Ottoman, Hungarian, German, and Slavic traditions, Romanian food offers […]

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Embracing Slow Travel: A Journey Through Coffee Plantations and Cultural Heritage

This program offers an immersive slow travel experience through South India, meticulously crafted to allow you to delve deeply into the region’s vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and rich history. As a traveler, you can expect a journey that transcends the usual rush of tourism, focusing instead on connecting with the environment and the local communities […]

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| 25. April 2024
Thailand’s Hidden Gems – A Journey Through Unseen Wonders

A Journey Through Unseen WondersDo you want to explore Thailand away from the large tourist crowds with experiences that truly touch your soul? With its multitude of hidden treasures, Thailand is a feast for the senses.


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Edinburgh & The Highlands

7 day Self-drive tour of the stunning Scottish landscape. See it all; cities, countryside, lochs and the beauty of Scottish culture and food.

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Hong Kong
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