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Water Wonderlands of Western Balaton

Enjoy the funny activities and family adventures among the friendly Transdanubian hills cuddled by the tender waves of Lake Balaton. Spend some quality time together having outdoor family games and exciting rain-proof programs. Discover the untold stories of the Western Balaton region about the sophisticated Lady Mary Hamilton, who was about to be the princess […]


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South Africa Family Coastline at Cape Recife, Algoa Bay

ItineraryEver dreamed of being a castaway on a remote stretch of coastline, surrounded by ocean, birdsong and beauty – with no unwanted human disturbance? The elemental excitement of rhythmically crashing waves on rocks below, glorious sunrises above the sea’s horizon and golden evenings as night gently falls behind the vegetated dunes. Imagine such a place, […]

South Africa

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